A Unique Audit for Sales Professionals

27.08.2014 15:12

Sales managers often have little opportunity to analyze their sales staff objectively. The success of salespeople is dependent on a wide variety of key factors. For the first time, these crucial positions can be measured without manipulation by deploying profilingvalues. Founded on the Hartman Value Profile, this psychometric method measures personality traits in one’s current phase of life. From the approximately 20 minute long online procedure, sales managers receive an absolutely objective analysis and information on potential areas of development.

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The Third Dimension in Consulting

28.07.2014 15:18

Intrinsic, extrinsic and systemic – these comprise the three value dimensions according to Robert S. Hartman. His work is the foundation for the profilingvalues and profilingbrands methods. Both companies now offer individuals and organizations joint consulting in value diagnostics. This holistic approach is built on the discovery that brands, like people, have their own value-based personalities. Thus, unique chances arise to mathematically measure and precisely map the abilities and interests of companies and their employees. The results from the profilingvalues procedure illustrate the personal value system of people in a short time. The personality traits, inclinations, and interests as well as abilities and current motives are conclusively described.

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Boardmeeting RSH Europe in München 2014

Successful Conference of the Robert S. Hartman Institutes Europe

28.07.2014 15:08

Nearly 25 experts from the areas of management, Human Resources, business consulting and research participated on May 15th at the first European Congress of the Robert S. Hartman Institute (RSHI) in Munich. Once again the conflicting nature on the topic ethics and values in business was raised during the discussions. “Many companies talk about how important the topic is, “Business Ethics for the Economy.” Unfortunately, only a few select companies really implement it,” says Dr. Uli Vogel, President of the RSHI Europe. Together with the Vice Presidents Dr. Malcolm North and Dr. Martin Schoiswohl, a research project on this topic was initiated and publically introduced for the first time at the European conference. In addition, Uli Vogel presented a project that with help of profilingbrands will analyze the strength of the European brands.

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Robert S. Hartman – the 40th Anniversary of the Death of a Great Scientist and Visionary

01.09.2013 15:53

Robert S. Hartman was a scientist of German decent, who escaped to the USA in the 1930s. The atrocities committed during WWII were also the trigger for his search for the definition of good, which he was later able to scientifically define using formal axiology. Hartman worked for Walt Disney, as a university professor, as well as a consultant for value-oriented companies before he died in 1972. Shortly before his death, he was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Timely Succession Planning as a Sustainable Market Advantage

01.06.2013 15:53

Each year about 40,000 companies in Germany alone face sale or closure due to a shift in generations, according to a study by the Chamber of Commerce. For this reason it is important to specifically prepare for this process. With profilingvalue’s diagnostic method potentials can be elicited and new structures prepared. Business continuity and jobs are secured long term and over several generations of entrepreneurs.

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Target-oriented Personnel Decisions for a Competitive Edge

01.05.2013 15:53

Profilingvalues is implemented in many companies as a validated procedure. In recruiting, it offers decisive advantages. Before the ad is placed, it can be defined which type of applicants are ideally suited for the job. During the selection, process the definition will be drawn upon and the candidates’ results compared. The process cannot be manipulated and delivers optimal results with little expenditure of time.

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Success in Coaching Can Be Measured for the First Time

01.03.2013 15:53

Profilingvalues makes coaching measurable. The scientific procedure is often used for the entrance analysis to mark the areas of further development in advance. With this procedure consultants can save much time in the analysis phase which can be used instead in active coaching. In implementing profilingvalues during the sessions, the successes and progress in the person’s individual development are objectively measurable. Due to this reason, nearly two thirds of the certified partners of profilingvalues work as coaches.

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The Return of Values to Europe

01.02.2013 15:53

The “Robert S. Hartman Institute Europe” has set itself the task of making the Nobel Prize nominated scientist’s research work accessible to a broad public. The newly established European branch of the US American institute is headed by Dr. Uli Vogel. Vogel is also using Robert S. Hartman‘s findings as a basis for the work of his company, profilingvalues. He thus represents both the institute’s ambitions as well as their realization in practice

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“Making the good visible” – tips for value diagnostics in business

01.01.2013 15:53

Dr. Petra Wenzel and Dr. Ulrich Vogel explain the scientific definition of values in their new book “Measuring Inner Values – Making the Good Visible”. Together they illustrate the exciting and diverse possibilities of value diagnostics with profilingvalues in business and beyond. This innovative process is based on the scientifically validated value profile of Robert S. Hartman, who was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

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2nd World Congress for Value Diagnostics in Munich

04.06.2012 15:54

The Munich-based value diagnostic company invites professionals to the 2nd World Congress after the huge success of last year’s premiere. Profilingvalues provides participants insights into the international success of the scientifically based procedure. 15 personalities from industry and academia will give lectures on various applications in selection, hiring and personnel development. "Profilingvalues is the only method that measures the ‘inner values’ and the current situation of a person. We want to acquaint our partners and customers with the international success of scientifically based value diagnostics," says Dr. Uli Vogel, organizer and Managing Director of profilingvalues. The World Congress will be held on Friday, September 14, 2012 in Munich and begins at 9.00 a. m.

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Women Managers Try to be Better Men

04.05.2012 15:54

Women managers try to be better men. A typical female leadership style does not exist. This was shown in the brand new study by the German company profilingvalues. Altogether 1,803 leaders from Germany, Austria and Switzerland were analyzed.

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29.11.2011 11:05

In Knoxville, Tennessee, the renowned Robert S. Hartman Institute recently hosted its annual conference. Uli Vogel, managing director of profilingvalues, received high attention at the international congress for his Scientific presentation. Vogel is the first European who was called onto the board of this high profile international institute and he will serve as first president of the newly founded European branch.

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The first world congress was a huge success

29.11.2011 11:00

More than 100 participants, impressive presentations, lively discussions and honest praise from all sides – this was the first world congress for personnel diagnostics in Munich, Germany, organized and hosted by profilingvalues. Managing director of profilingvalues, Dr Uli Vogel, has two goals for next year: stimulating further growth of his company and hosting the second world congress.

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A fast and determined leap across the Atlantic

02.09.2011 11:50

The international growth of profilingvalues, an innovative service provider for HR diagnostic instruments, is progressing quickly. Totallycoached, one of the largest coaching organizations in the US, is introducing profilingvalues in the US, Canada and South Africa.

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17.03.2011 22:02

Some events can’t be announced too early! Therefore, we would like to alert you already today about the 1. profilingvalues World Congress on October 7th, in Munich/Germany. Look forward to exciting lectures, workshops and panel discussions.

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10.03.2011 19:20

Since the beginning of March 2011, profilingvalues’© is fully available in Spanish. In French, all entries are possible and within the next few weeks, also the backend (reports and requirements) will be available. This is not only important for customers who operate internationally, it is also profilingvalues’© strategy to expand into foreign markets fast. In the near future, ...

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18.01.2011 19:19

With the first seminar of this year on January 18th 2011 in Frankfurt, the number of certified partners of profilingvalues has reached the 100 threshold. In only 16 months we have been able to attract and train a significant number of product champions. The fastest and best marketing instrument is always the recommendation by satisfied partners and customers. A very warm thank you to all of you! The largest group of partners are coaches, followed by HR consultants and trainers. The scope covers not only international consulting firms but also the – often underestimated – “One-Man-Shows".