We enable clients to improve their hiring decisions! profilingvalues® should be your choice
  • If you want to gain fast an easy information about external applicants
  • If you require objective information about internal candidates
  • If interviews and references are not enough to provide you with a complete picture. For example, if you have doubts which of your final-round candidates should receive an offer, because you still have questions about leadership qualities or social skills
  • If you have more applications than time for first round interviews
The profilingvalues® test helps you to optimize your hiring processes – be it during pre-selection or the final decision making phase.

Our procedure is simple and fast. It is also flexible and allows the customer to determine the depth of the analysis and thus the cost.
  • You send us your job description (optional)
  • Your candidates take the profilingvalues® test online (time required is only about 20 minutes)
  • We provide you with a comprehensive report that can be modified to answer your specific questions with respect to the job description
  • If desired, we can detail the report further by sending you an audio analysis as Mp3 file or a personal phone call
  • profilingvalues® can start the process on the same day if desired