Teams or Aggregating Profiles

How to aggregate different report formats.

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Defining the Situation / Assessment / Analysis of Potential

A guest lecture by Uli Vogel in the blog of the Grundl Leadership Institute about the assessment of executives.

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Managing Business in a Value-oriented Way

A guest lecture by Uli Vogel on value-oriented leadership in the Grundl Leadership Institute blog.

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Value-oriented Management in Transformation

A guest lecture by Uli Vogel in the Strametz & Associates blog about value-oriented leadership in a time of technical and above all digital change.

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Profilingvalues Goes Chinese

Dear friends of profilingvalues,

We are pleased to announce that after concentrated effort, a new translation of the frontend of profilingvalues is now available online.

As a company operating worldwide and as a service for our consultants working internationally, it is important to us to continually develop profilingvalues.

Therefore, we decided a while ago to serve one of the fastest growing markets. Beginning today, the profilingvalues survey can be conducted in Chinese.

We thank our customers and partners for the close cooperation and look forward to developments in the future.

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¿Por qué Profilingvalues?

Debido al gran mercado que existe en nuestro país sobre test y procedimientos psicométricos y de la experiencia que he obtenido sobre este gran mercado, el elemento diferenciador es lo que nos hace destacar, por eso me gustaría lanzar la pregunta de -¿por qué profilingvalues?-, de porqué es profilingvalues bueno para mi empresa y para mí.

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Comienzo del nuevo informe de ventas

Queridos amigos de profilingvalues,

el nueve informe de ventas entra en el mercado hoy.

Nos alegramos de poder ofreceros el nuevo formato extenso. Más de un año de trabajo en el desarrollo ha sido invertido. Testábamos, probábamos de grandes dimensiones e integramos muchas nuevas ideas.

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