Further Training for Consultants: Masterclass PRO gives insights into Hartman Consulting

With its successful pilot run in 2015, profilingvalues began a new, highly promising journey.  In addition to the profilingvalues certification, the supplementary training opportunities, the multitude of support and guidance material provided, Prof.  Robert S. Hartman’s scientific approaches are now also directly applied to consulting, seminars, and workshops to provide application-oriented knowledge.

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To The Point – The Ideal Way to Report to Clients

The ToThePoint Seminar addresses all certified users of profilingvalues and concentrates on creating a vivid written description of the system report for the client. The certified user of profilingvalues is an expert in interpreting the profilings and leads professional meetings with the participants and the clients. They also know how to deduce the right conclusions. However, the findings and recommendations often fall flat when no written document is made. The aim of the “To the Point Seminar” is to integrate the profilingvalues interpretation in the business context of the client.

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A Unique Audit for Sales Professionals

Munich, 19. August 2014 – “The difficulty about key competencies lies in that they have been hard to measure up to now, especially the inner attitude,” reports Dr. Uli Vogel. As the Managing Director of profilingvalues he is familiar with this problem when consulting executives.  It is precisely this experience that he transfers to his innovative sales audit.

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Robert S. Hartman – the 40th Anniversary of the Death of a Great Scientist and Visionary

Munich, September 9, 2013 – The anniversary of the death of the founder of the formal axiology, Robert S. Hartman, will be marked for the 40th time on September 21, 2013. Born in Berlin, Hartman studied law, political science, and business.

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Timely Succession Planning as a Sustainable Market Advantage

Munich, June 24, 2013 – Transferring a company to a successor is a major challenge for many managers. Especially medium-sized family owned companies often lead the organization structures with one combined position. In the case of a generational change, such companies run the risk of encountering structural turbulence.

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¿Por qué Profilingvalues?

Debido al gran mercado que existe en nuestro país sobre test y procedimientos psicométricos y de la experiencia que he obtenido sobre este gran mercado, el elemento diferenciador es lo que nos hace destacar, por eso me gustaría lanzar la pregunta de -¿por qué profilingvalues?-, de porqué es profilingvalues bueno para mi empresa y para mí.

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Comienzo del nuevo informe de ventas

Queridos amigos de profilingvalues,

el nueve informe de ventas entra en el mercado hoy.

Nos alegramos de poder ofreceros el nuevo formato extenso. Más de un año de trabajo en el desarrollo ha sido invertido. Testábamos, probábamos de grandes dimensiones e integramos muchas nuevas ideas.

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