Our Training System

Become a profilingvalues certified professional in value diagnostics.


The Certification Seminar offers basic training in the profilingvalues method. It focuses on the in-depth interpretation of the report using a structured approach for the analysis of case studies from the field. Other topics include system features such as the PAT and Team Report. Profilingvalues’ scientific background, positioning in the market, and managing your personal back office round off the seminar. 

By passing the online test, which can be taken up to 6 weeks following the seminar, you become an official profilingvalues partner.

Certification in English is held online using Citrix GoToMeetings. Each of the 5 sessions are 90 minutes long and scheduled to allow participants time to review course materials and analyze real cases. The virtual certification classes will be limited to 4 to ensure ample amount of participation.

Interested? Please contact us under

Fee: 1.990,- € plus VAT

Individual certification classes can also be arranged at an additional charge.


Brush-Up Coaching

For all certified partners who haven't worked with profilingvalues for a long time:
Within 60 minutes we will bring you up to date.

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Expert Coaching

In Expert Coaching you will deepen your knowledge of how to handle and interpret profilingvalues products – tailored to your needs and on an individual basis with one of our consultants. You can submit your own case studies for practice. 

Experts receive access to the AB Reports.

Expert Coaching is conducted via webinars (3 sessions x 60 minutes).

Fee: 699,- € plus VAT

Interested? Please contact us under info@profilingvalues.com

Master Class

In the Master Class the entire spectrum of profilingvalues is illuminated. You’ll learn how to handle the AB Report and receive additional user rights by taking part in this seminar. Along with course materials on the analysis of the items, special cases from practical experience will be presented. Furthermore, the function of the Master Back Office is explained. To learn if you are qualified to participate in the Master Class, please contact our Managing Director, Dr. Ulrich Vogel: Ulrich.vogel@profilingvalues.com

The Master Class lasts 7 hours and includes coffee breaks and a 1 hour lunch break. Beverages, snacks, and lunch are provided.

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Individual Coaching

Put together your own tailor-made training according to your own wishes and needs! Whether for one of the licences mentioned above or for other topics, we will train you comprehensively and competently via webinar.


by arrangement


199 € / h (plus VAT)

We also offer web-based exercises to accompany our seminars.

Web-based Practice Sessions

The practice sessions are designed for our somewhat unsure beginners as well as for experienced users who want to expand their knowledge and experience. Together various case studies will be interpreted and the learnings from the training seminars put to practice and refreshed. The webinars enable participants to enjoy these exercises in the comfort of their home or office.

The exercises are free of charge, limited in the number of participants, and last about 1.5 hours.

Dates and Times



2:00 – 3:30 pm

Additional Offers

License Balance Report

The Balance Report stands out from the well-known profilingvalues Report by its detailed, in-depth information analysis. Since the Balance Report records a person's stability and equilibrium, it can provide complex and comprehensive information for company health management, personnel development or personnel selection.

The license requires a one time fee and includes an unrestricted right of use, also retroactively for the profilings already performed.


License 999 € (plus VAT)

License Sales Report

The profilingvalues Sales Report is a special reporting format for sales positions. The Sales Report highlights the capacity of the person with a special focus on the relevant skills and potentials and identifies possible areas of development. In this way, sales-related positions can be ideally filled and employees or applicants can be employed, promoted and further developed in a targeted manner based on their strengths and needs.

The license fee is charged once and includes an unrestricted right of use, also retroactively for profilings which have already been performed.


License 699 € (plus VAT)

License Team Overview

The Team Overview is intended for working with teams and groups in their alignment, formation and development. In addition to the individual scales already known from the V12C report, it contains other important team factors. The team overview can be used for team development, selection and recruiting. There is no maximum limit for the team size, though the presentation of the individual results and mapping with guaranteed anonymity is possible for up to 50 people.

The license is charged once and includes an unrestricted right of use, also retroactively for profilings already performed.


License 499 € (plus VAT)

License Logo Function

Many profilingvalues partners are looking for a way to personalize their profilingvalues Reports.

This is why we have our "logo function." Your personal company logo will appear on the cover page of every report format.


License 199 € (plus VAT)


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